Onefill Technologies AB provides a wide range of 2 pack (2 component) polyester fillers and putties for repairing and fixing a wide range of materials and surfaces from wood and boat hull surfaces to leaking engine coolers and bumped car body sheets.

The polyester based putties provides for a fast hardening and easily crafted and sanded repairs with no or very small shrinking which easily are painted over and leaves repairs without a trace. In addition to what is presented below there are additional products for marine and mechanical applications.

Chemical Metal, Leak Fixer

Chemical Metal

  Product Description: Chemical metal is a 2-component polyester compound.

  Range of Applications: Chemical metal is used when repairing leaking petrol tanks, radiators, pipes, water-tanks etc. Resistant to petrol, anti-freeze, oil, water etc. Can be drilled and threaded. May be sanded and drilled after approx. 15 minutes. Withstands temperatures between -40°C and +130°C.

 Available formats: 560ml tin

Glass Fiber Repair Putty

Glass Fiber

  Product Description: Glass Fiber Repair Putty is a 2-component, glass fiber reinforced polyester filler.

  Range of Applications: Suitable applications include the repair of rust damaged car bodies, reinforcing profiles or beams, on certain repair work on boats etc. It is not meant to be used for repairs of through-hull holes in GRP boats, since the reinforcement effect of the glass fiber filler is not sufficiently high for this purpose. Surface cracks in this type of boat may be repaired perfectly with Flexi Putty

 Available formats: 560ml tin

Multi Putty

  Product Description: Multi Putty is a easily worked and easily sanded 2-comp. polyester filler meant for repairing and filling . Multi Putty gives a sealed and non-porous surface for high finish painting and coating.

  Range of Applications: Multi Putty is intended to be used in the repair of bodywork and paint damage on cars, caravans etc. on both plain and galvanized body metal. Suitable for repairs of damages on boats above the waterline, but not on penetrating hull holes. Used for bonding and repairing most materials, including iron, steel, wood, ceramics, stone etc.

 Available formats: 560ml tin

Flexi Putty

  Product Description: Flexi Putty is a 2-component polyester filler meant for repairing and filling which is very easy to apply and sand.

  Range of Applications: Suitable applications include the repair of bodywork damage on cars and caravans, certain types of damage to boats, as a floor filler, for bonding and repairing iron, ceramics, stone, steel, wood etc.

 Available formats: 560ml tin


Chemical Wood

  Product Description: Chemical Wood is a flexible and easily crafted 2-comp. polyester filler, which can be used for repairing and filling on wood both indoor and outdoor.

  Range of Applications: Chemical Wood is a wooden coloured filler meant for being used for filling and repairing of wooden surfaces It can easily be crafted, sanded and painted to desired shape and finish.

 Available formats: 560ml tin